Andy was born in 1966 and by the age of 7 was taking his first photographs, using his granddad's Kodak instamatic. After leaving school he embarked on a career in civil engineering, specialising in water engineering, with dreams of eventually working with rivers and flood eleviation worldwide. In addition to work he took a position at 631 volunteer gliding school, where he reached the level of senior gliding instructor. In 2001 Andy was admitted to psychiatric hospital and later diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder. Later that year he was permanently grounded and lost his flying status. After leaving the gliding school he quickly discovered that all of his friends were at the school and so he rejoined the school in a driving capacity. 

After moving to North Wales in 2007 Andy was enrolled on an expert patient scheme due to his apparent need to understand his treatment. 
After being made redundant from work for health reasons. Andy decided to take photography more seriously, graduating with a HND in 2012. Through his studies in photography Andy was able to better understand some of alternative meanings he had been observing. His use of esoteric symbology enabled him to enjoy the genre of surrealism and understand the benefits of simplifying expression to just objective documentation. His photography work has been largely a cathartic process of recent years.